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Design at the limit of possible.

At the limit, new rules emerge.

A new world of possibilities.

This is our playground.

A synthesis of engineering and design.

At the limit, engineering is not enough

Ceepo Shadow R

A bicycle invisible to the wind can't be an evolution of existing bikes.

hards touching lycra screen from different sides



A bike with no fork,
where everything is in
the shadow of the
front wheel

Focus on the right limit

Sencogi Video

Most video is never seen, because only 0.1% of your retina has high resolution. But 80% of internet traffic is video, so most of the internet is waste video.
By figuring out what people look at, Sencogi makes video smaller. Sencogi is used on 6% of internet traffic and saves 2% of the world's internet.

  • Client: Cogisen (2010-now)
  • Services: Concepts and development
  • Website:
hards touching lycra screen from different sides

Designing at the limit requires new tools

Masters of Pie

Design tools take years to learn, so how can we collaborate in Virtual Reality?
Use the design tool we are all experts at: our hands

VR engine slice

The limit can be simple


A multi-tool with a simple torque-wrench built in, based on a click-dome you press with your thumb.

  • Client: Birzman (2015)
  • Services: Invent, design, prototype and patent (TW201628802A)
  • Website: Birzman site
M-Torque wrench

How do you choreograph an alien?

Conrad Shawcross

A three storey high robot that danced with the Royal Ballet. Un-human articulation meant working with choreographers to design a new way to compose dance

  • Client: Conrad Shawcross (2012)
  • Services: Robot motion and control system
  • Website: Guardian review

Design at the limit needs continuous feedback

Physical CAD

What happens when CAD becomes truly solid? Not just surfaces, but material molecules and structures that are physically 'live'

Materials and process become part of CAD. Craftsmanship and draftsmanship are no longer separate skills.

  • Client: Self-Initiated
  • Services: A prototype next-gen CAD tool
  • Website: Core77 review

Design and technology co-exist everywhere


Solar power is free.. unless you can't afford a solar panel. So text-to-charge - a charging solution for the billion people who have phones but no way to charge them.

Now in the permanent collection of the Berlin Museum of Modern Art.

  • Client: Buffalogrid (2012 - 2016)
  • Services: CTO, co-designer
  • Website: Buffalogrid
Rural Ugandan child with Buffalogrid

A book for people who don't read books.

Tourettes Survival Guide

An expert wanted to make a book for young people with Tourettes syndrome. But in a focus group they said that they don't read much.

Do they read instant messaging? Yes. Do they read comics? Yes. It turns out they read a lot! So a book designed like a chat group with manga illustration.

Book cover

We are miles from the human limit of technology.


Ever seen a room full of strangers messaging people who aren't there? Screens bring us together virtually, but separate us actually. Could we do the opposite?

TouchMeNot is a double-sided lycra touch screen. The sensation of another hand from your screen breaks our norms in an electrifying, indescribable way.

  • Client: Self-Initiated
  • Services: Screen concept, content, and 2-sided touch technology
  • Website: Video
hards touching lycra screen from different sides